P & Z Radio

Episode #1

Genesis. After many passionate discussions for years about everything from politics to religion and leading up to the most incendiary election in American history, P & Z embark on a new journey into the future with their passion for the truth. This episode is filled with Zombie Hillary Supporters, music from Action Bronson, Back Goo, Archons, and much more!

Episode #2

Exodus. P&Z talk Hip Hop music, Julian Assange, Politics, H.A.A.R.P. & Chemtrails, Indrid Cole, Moth-man Prophecies, blackout of their phones when trying to communicate, & much more!

Episode #3

Sigma Reality. P & Z Radio discuss the continued fake reality that you have been living in for your whole life. From Milo to Mark Dice, P & Z align the stars to help you see the truth through your artificial realty lens

Episode #4

The Hack. Another week of wild and crazy P & Z Radio! This is a definite must have if you are going to wake up. We talked about us getting hacked!

Episode #5

Turmoil in America','More discussion on the upcoming 1st Presidential debate, Trump using the word "Bomb" after the bombing in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC, CNN edits out Clinton using the word "bombing", the Charlotte Riots, George Soros, more on politics in general and waking the Eph up.

Episode #6

The Hack - Reloaded. The re-uploaded version of Episode #6 after the great culling. We got hacked again, this time we caught on tape. FW towards the end of the show and you will see we finally got "Tom" on audio. Special guest of Tom first feature appearance. We have additional footage for our police detectives.

Episode #7

RussiaGate. P & Z Radio shoot the shit about Hip Hop, play some Del & Technique, talk about America openly waging cyber war with Russia, Hillary Supporters can't name one accomplishment yet still support her, & once again Tom joins to tell us his head is spinning.

Episode #8

Conspiracies Galore. On this Valentines day, P & Z have a special guest Shelley discussing chemtrails, Archons, AI, black goo, Donald Trump, etc.

Episode #9

Escoteric Journey. Another wild show feat. The Jersey Tomato. Discuss Bubba Dumbass, levitation, higher self, NDE (Near Death Experiences), Paul elaborates on his, moving things with your mind as well as how to not go to jury duty. More pure bliss from the abyss.

Episode #10

Russia & North Korea. Best show to date! Discussing how non threatening North Korea is, Russian hysteria, music from Oddisee & Murs and more.... pure bliss from the abyss.

Episode #11

Root Cause. P & Z talk about getting to the root cause of reality. Discuss Sean Hannity, Elise Jordan's comments about Trump, how reality has been completely and totally inverted, Hollywood, Osoff the Trump slayer, Seth Rich's Profiling Project investigation, illegal voting, Congressman Scalise shooting, media culpability of violence, Kathy Griffin, & much more!! Tune in for pure bliss from the Abyss.

Episode #12

CNN is dead. CNN is officially dead. From the 3 CNN journalists having to resign of fake news, James O'Keefe's confirmation the Russian hysteria is about ratings and is a nothing burger to CNN caught doing a fake protest shoot, CNN extorting a reddit user, Donna Brazille admitting she supplied the questions to Clinton for the debate, CNN ratings worse than reruns of Yogi Bear re-runs. Tune in to more bliss from the abyss.